Whether you're looking for the right radio spot for your event, whether you are looking for a fearful intro to your new set ...

In short, if it has to sound right, no matter what sound you want, then rely on our many years of professional experience.

Our copywriters, voices, production department, coffee-getters and audio mastering department are waiting for you. We will make it or break it until it SoundsRight!




We do a lot of ghost productions for radioshows which are aired on radiostations across Europe. We deliver to national radiostations, but can do local stations and even podcasts as well. We have a lot of experience in jingle usage, vocal compression and mastering. Since we maintain a strict privacy policy regarding our clients we can not disclose which shows come from our studio. However you can listen to a demo of what a show could sound like for you.



VideoPromo is an inhouse videodepartment making, yeah you guessed it, videopromo's for parties and nightlife. It is possible to start from the artwork or from video we shoot for the cliënt. More info, especially with regard to legal issues involving licensing of music or videocontent, can be found on the VideoPromo.be website.


We already created videocontent for Bonzai Records, Real Retro House, Art-Group Music, Legacy Festival, Laundry Day and other clients in the entertainment bussiness.



ARTIST SERVICE is your human partner in Stage Management, Road Management, Hospitality Management, Festival Runners as well as in audio editing on intro's and showtapes. When you need to depend on someone to make your artists feel at home, rely on ARTIST SERVICE, the right people for your people...


Artist Service provided stage managers for such events as Beachland, Legacy Festival, Bonzai Retro, Ibiza Festival, Real Retro House... But also worked as local hospitality or international roadmanager for artists as Underdog Project, Paradisio, Snap!, Rozalla, MoDo...

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